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We are delighted to announce the merger of and W S Moreland & Co Ltd and Greenwood Insurance Consultants Ltd, effective from 01 June 2017. These two long-established firms are coming together in a move which aims to strengthen the proposition of both companies,...

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“The Rise of The Silver Fraudster”

PWC’s Global Economic Crime Survey for 2016 shows a number of interesting developments and patterns. 55% of UK Organisations have experienced some form of Economic Crime. 44% of Responding Firms who experienced Economic Crime in the previous 24 months had been...

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Landlords/Property Owner Insurance Innovations

Most insurance policies designed for Property Owners and Landlords will cover major events such as fire, theft, storm, flood and break-in. The Excess (the amount of claim which is the responsibility of the policyholder) on these policies can be £100, £250 or £500...

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Why Firms *Don’t Need Cyber Insurance

*They Actually Do.   Relatively few companies currently buy Insurance to cover them against electronic crime.  We believe most companies need it, but have compiled some of the top reasons that people haven’t got round to it buying it yet. We’re too small to be...

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3 Year Policies

Paying your business insurance premium on an annual basis? Have you considered a different approach?   If your business is well managed, takes Health & Safety and Risk Management seriously and doesn’t often make claims; your premium won’t fluctuate much from...

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Fraud Losses

Traditional Thefts (physical breaking & entering) have been declining for 20 years. But they are the only theft risks that most businesses buy insurance against. Crime Insurance covers any financial loss as a result of a crime.  This includes Fraud, Deception,...

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Innovative Delivery of Traditionally Excellent Service

We are a service led business.  We are on hand to discuss your insurance requirements, either face-to-face or over the telephone.  By taking the time to understand you, your business and your concerns, we can help to design an appropriate insurance programme for your...

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Moreland Insurance Broker

Moreland Insurance Broker

The cover from Morelands has better than our previous provider.  Yet the premiums have always been lower – sometimes substantially.  What impresses us most is the exceptional level of service that Katy and the team provide.  Always quick and professional; Recommended.

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